All Quality and Services, Inc.

Broadcasting System

The broadcasting market is complex and ever changing with a demand for companies to adapt and evolve as the market dictates. AQS advanced design to scale solutions satisfy the needs for reliability and flawless performance, thus creating high-quality products that revolutionize the market. We have experience in building professional audio devices, video systems, lighting equipment for broadcast, optics, sensors, and cameras.

Professional Video and Audio Systems

Smart audio and video products require high-speed performance and reliable functionality to process high-speed real-time data for broadcast. We pride ourselves on our ability to maneuver through the high-complexity broadcasting market and produce innovative electromechanical workstation products that can operate both video and audio at once. AQS promises to reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

Lighting for Film and TV

Appropriate lighting is important and essential in the recording process for television and movies. AQS has obtained a bevy of knowledge and experience in producing professional lighting equipment. We have built high luminance lighting that improves the look and feel of each recording and provide a clear high definition viewing experience for all.